Technology accelerator

Additive manufacturing technological acceleration program

Who is it aimed at?

  • SMEs and micro-SMEs that want to improve their competitiveness and enhance their degree of innovation by incorporating additive manufacturing technology.

What objective does it pursue?

Increase the levels of competitiveness and differentiation of micro-SMEs and SMEs through the possibilities offered by the use of additive manufacturing.

What are its characteristics?

  • Participation can be in person or virtually.
  • Face-to-face participants can opt for an incubation space at the ThinkIn 3D Mataró.

What is the approach to the program?

Focused on companies looking to innovate in their operations through 3D printing.

  • Initial diagnosis and identification of opportunities to assess the potential for innovation through incubated technology, with the aim of defining a personalised roadmap.
  • Group itinerary structured in 4 milestones ranging from the approach of the challenge to the concretion of a feasibility plan.
  • Individual and group mentoring to accompany those incubated with expert advice at the business and technology level.
  • Access to expert support in the use of additive manufacturing technological equipment (technological services) in order to make the business idea developed through 3D printing feasible.



Diagnosis and opportunities identification


Personalised roadmap


Immersion and technology transfer


Economic viability plan

Are you a micro-SME or SME and want to explore the integration of 3D printing in your business?

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